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Collective exhibition ‘Pedra sobre pedra’ at Àmbit Espai d’Art, Olot (Spain) with the participation of the artists Enric Servera, Clàudia Regueiro, Rosa Martín and Paula Pons.

Also, design of the exhibition ad, representing the theme: ‘Stone over stone’.

‘Es cuestión de escala. Toda piedra es montaña en potencia.’
‘It’s a matter of scale. Every stone is a potential mountain. ‘

The collective exhibition consists of sculptures, paintings and prints displayed in a unique space in the center of Olot town. The main theme is about the stones, and how they’re seen by us. Above all, the contrast of the volcanic stone with the green landscape, the hardness against the fragility, the balance, the texture and the time of the stones are some of the main concepts. We all live in different places. Therefore, we worked separately on the pieces and put them all together and in this exhibition.