Rebranding for a physiotherapy and osteopathy centre based in Spain.
This project includes the design of the logo, stationery, packaging, outfit and signage.

The owner wanted to change completely the branding of her centre. Above all, she wanted to create a space where the patients could feel cosy, warm and relaxed. In other words, a place to feel like home, not like at a hospital. She also wanted to enhance the both services they have: physiotherapy and ostheopathy.

In the logo, the inversion of the letter i (which means and) stresses and connects both services: fisioteràpia (physiotherapy) and osteopatia (osteopathy). As a result, it becomes the main symbol of the brand. Certainly, this project is all about feeling, nature and delicacy. For instance, the logo is embossed on a smooth paper, also used for the rest of the stationery. The design of the packaging for the voucher has been thought to bring a new experience to the customer. Similarly the soft green colour palette reflects the natural and calm environment of the place.