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I help businesses define their visual identity and communicate their purpose through design.

I’m Paula Pons, a designer currently based in Berlin and working with clients around the world.

I’m a passionate of design thought with the heart, made with the head. I believe design has to serve the world to help make our lives easier, kinder and give us those ‘wow’ moments that enrich our everyday.

Featured on:
Design Calendar Magazine – Women’s Edition

Packaging of the World
World Brand Design Society
Pedra sobre pedra, 2019. Àmbit Espai d’Art, Olot (Spain)
Setba Jove, 2015. Fundació Setba, Barcelona (Spain)
Lluèrnia Light Festival, 2014. Olot (Spain)
Diàlegs iniciàtics, 2014. Fundació Setba, Barcelona (Spain)

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I believe we have the responsibility to design a better, more sustainable world and to leave a decent legacy to future generations. That’s why all my projects aim to look for the most ethical and sustainable solution.

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