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Graphic designer
Born in Olot
Based in Berlin


I’m an independent designer based in Berlin and taking assignments worldwide. I’m an enthusiast of clean & simple work done with the heart, that adapts to an ever-changing world. Do you want to work together? I’d love to hear about your project.

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things I do:
Art Direction




Graphic Design

Website Design

Interior Design

Ambient Graphics

featured on:
Design Calendar Magazine – Women’s Edition
Packaging of the World
Pedra sobre pedra, 2019. Àmbit Espai d’Art, Olot (Spain)
Setba Jove, 2015. Fundació Setba, Barcelona (Spain)
Lluèrnia Light Festival, 2014. Olot (Spain)
Diàlegs iniciàtics, 2014. Fundació Setba, Barcelona (Spain)
I have done work for:

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