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Handprinted Japanese woodcut print

Handprinted Japanese woodcut print. This print edition is made with the tradicional Japanese woodcut technique known as ‘Mokuhanga’. The print is an abstract drawing of lines interconnecting each other in different weights and directions. The space created is sequence of subtleness and movement. The process is a mix of techniques and materials from both Western and Eastern printmaking practices to get the delicate result.

These prints were created as a unique gift for my clients for the Christmas holidays of 2019.

This technique itself is a form of a ritualistic meditation, for the precision and carefulness it requires.
Firstly, the artist carves the image into a wooden surface. Afterwards, the ink is applied to the relief. A piece of paper is placed on top of it. Finally, it is handprinted with a baren, a small disc-shaped tool that helps transfer the ink to the paper. It is used to apply pressure with the heel of the hand to the paper.