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Black Friday is a day when most small businesses suffer due to meaningless percentage discounts and mass production.

This Black Friday, we’re putting on some colour by choosing to resist, rather than conform. Instead of following the masses, we want to break free!

#BreakFreeday is a day to celebrate each one of our retail businesses. It’s a day…

To celebrate helping, not harming.
To celebrate quality, not excess.
To celebrate resisting, not conforming.
To celebrate uniqueness, not mass production.
To celebrate increasing margins, not stress.

Because this is what makes independent retail.
And that is what we believe in.

We are facilitators of change. We strive to bring diversity, colour and creativity back to the streets. Now more than ever, we’re committed to enabling the conditions for independent retailers, like you, to thrive.

On #BreakFreeday be free to choose whether you want to open or close your store. Whether you want to add discounts or not.

No matter your choice, we will support you and give you the best price to stay competitive.

We want to lead this explosion of diverse and unique brands and stores. Join our movement.

Concept and Art Director: Paula Pons
Creative Director: Lluisa Fàbregas
Videographer: Roddy Ziebell
Motion Designer: Sebastian Infante



Design of the Ankorstore Black Friday campaign for 2023. Black Friday is one of the biggest campaigns of the year. As usual, Ankorstore wanted to support independent brands and retailers
by making them competitive against the big stores.

For this reason, the Creative Director and I came with a different approach this time. We wanted to rethink what Black Friday means for brands and retailers. We had to create a movement that talks directly to them.

I came up with the concept #BreakFreeday which encourages retailers to stop following the masses and to break free. I created the campaign manifesto to position the brand in this important time of the year.

Campaign visual identity



Logo variation


Colour palette


We organised a production with two retailers for the campaign. We created the main campaign video and campaign images.

The design of the new Black Friday campaign had to be colourful. The selected colour palette for #BreakFreeday was inspired by the punk style, combining mostly black, white and pink to create a striking effect.

In addition, I created the campaign roll-out strategy which was launched in multiple channels and in 5 languages.



Concept and Art direction Black Friday campaign

Email design

Website banner design