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Slide art direction photo shooting cover design for magazine



Art Direction and editorial design for the first Ankorstore magazine. The aim was to inspire and build a community of brands and retailers in Germany.


Responsible of content: Julia Binder
Creative Director: Lluisa Fabregas
Editorial Design: Paula Pons
Wiebke M. Litschke

Contributors: Ankorstore German team


Creative Producer: Sophia Pashos
Photographer: Inga Masche
Prop Stylist: Studio Rifa
Art Director: Paula Pons

We did a photo shooting to create the main images of the magazine. These images represent the five categories: Home & Living, Food, Fashion, Beauty and Kids. The compositions are minimal and highlight each brand separately. At the same time, they all keep a harmonious look.

Art direction and editorial design for a magazine

We used rich and diverse colours to create a vibrant look. Similarly, the layout is playful and full of contrast. The text compositions are dynamic. All the elements together bring the Ankorstore vibe and personality to the paper.ย 

product shooting art direction

Each brand is unique. Therefore we created each image with care to highlight the brand’s personality.

art direction for photo shooting magazine

We wanted the magazine to be durable and inspirational. For this reason, we printed the magazine in quality materials and finishes. At the same time it was published digitally to get a higher reach. As a result, this issue had an outstanding outcome, with a massive increase of sales on some of the featured brands.

Behind the scenes