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June Sale campaign concept strategy and design for Ankorstore. This was a one-only flash sales campaign and the idea was to make it very evident to the customers, so they didn’t miss it. For this reason, my approach was to create a fresh and fun summer vibe with a ‘flash sale’ style and a straightforward message. 

I organised a video and photo production with one of the Ankorstore retailers for the campaign in a colourful concept store with a nice summer light. The team captured the retailer while she was adding her new summer stock on her shop. In addition, I added some 3D objects which are part of the Ankorstore brand identity. On the graphics side, I used red as the main colour for the campaign since this is intrinsically related to sales and a warm secondary palette. Moreover, I added the text box to connect it to the sales labels and to make the text readable in any format.

The June Sale campaign design was strategically conceptualised. We was launched in 5 languages and in a number of different marketing and product touch points. As a result, it became a success and exceded in results. 

June sale campaign design

June Sale campaign design