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Branding and Art Direction of Ankorstore Plus, the subscription program of Ankorstore. The brief was to create an exclusive membership for those retailers who want to profit from all the benefits that Ankorstore offers. The visual identity represents this access as a window to a new reality for the wholesale world. 

I created the sub-brand and the concept and design of the launch campaign, which included the creation of the launch video, CRM design, landing page, paid ads, social media and web banners.

Ankorstore Plus launch video. 
Concept and art Direction: Paula Pons
Creative Director: Lluisa Fabregas
Motion Designer: Sebastian Infante
3D Designer: David França
Content lead: Alessia Parducci

This project included the design and development for the visual identity of the sub-brand and the creation of the launch campaign. This included a video to explain all the benefits of the program. The storytelling of the video shows in a very simple way the window to the new reality and all the benefits it contains. 

The target were those retailers that are already registered on the ankorstore platform and have recurring purchases. As they already know ankorstore, the visual identity of the sub-brand is based on the main brand but with its own distinctive branding.

Ankorstore PLUS branding design

Ankorstore PLUS logo

Ankorstore PLUS branding design

Ankorstore PLUS stacked logo

branding design subscription program

Logo variations and responsive logo

visual identity subscription program


Ankorstore PLUS colour palette

The sub-brand’s colour palette is a reduced version of the main Ankorstore palette. Likewise, the logo is based on the Ankorstore logo with the addition of the plus symbol or word. The icons and illustrations were created specifically for this sub-brand and follow the direction of the main brand. All these elements create a distinctive identity while still being recognisable as part of Ankorstore.

Logo usage


Ankorstore PLUS Subscription pictograms

Icons design

Ankorstore PLUS imagery

Icons design

Above all the challenge was the amount of information of this program. The solution was to present it in a way that is easy to understand and also has a narrative that you would want to be part of.

Landing page design

Ankorstore PLUS CRM email 3

Email design

Ankorstore PLUS carousel-banner

Web banner