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Unboxing: the potential of Smart Packaging

Consumers are continually demanding more and more from packaging and sustainability. They’re now paying more attention to how the products are made, as well as how they’re packaged and delivered. Discover here unboxing, the potential of smart packaging!

Unboxing is the term used to describe the process of unpacking a product and it’s considered an essential part of the consumer experience that surrounds the act of purchasing. The unboxing experience has the potential of smart packaging.

The amount of unboxing videos that are now online show that modern consumers are not just looking for the product, but also for the whole experience around it. But it has to be a piece of theatre to be shared both online and offline. A packaging survey found that 72% of consumers’ purchasing decisions can be influenced by a package’s design. But why is unboxing so important?


1. Unboxing experience helps your brand tell its story

Packaging is more than making your products ‘look good’. It crafts your brand’s narrative.

Creating a nice experience and telling your story with your packaging make customers feel exclusive and part of a community. They’re buying a livestyle, not just a product.

Unboxing is that exciting moment just before seeing the product and should be the point when a consumer feels more positive about the brand they trusted and purchased. So it’s all about the emotion you want your customers to feel and remember when they unbox your product.


2. Unboxing experience creates loyal customers

Building loyalty isn’t easy. And customer loyalty is equal to business success. Both online and offline impressions are important.

With all the brands existing nowadays it’s no secret that just delivering the goods in a timely manner is not enough for a consumer to purchase again from the same brand. Brands that have no interaction with their customers are unlikely to make repeat purchases.

What brings a customer back is that ‘wow’ factor, that unique experience that sets you apart from the crowd.

In addition, consumers reward retailers who ship sustainably. A packaging study shows that 54% of consumers would be more likely to shop with a brand or retailer that offered a sustainable packaging option over one which did not.


3. Unboxing experience increases perceived value

Creating a memorable unboxing experience is a simple value-add for your customer. It makes a product feel more special and the customer more satisfied. A study from 2019 shows that 45% of customers believe gift-like packaging makes the product seem more upscale.


Examples of great Unboxing Packaging Design


unboxing packaging designSource: Dieline

This awesome packaging contains a bottle of organic oil and was designed as an amenity for exclusive hotels and resorts. It has a Mediterranean stone shape that is native to where the olive trees grow. The packaging, made from recycled paper pulp, must be destroyed in order to enjoy its content. The opening moment creates both surprise and enjoyment, making it a unique experience. This whole narrative is what makes the unboxing experience so special and remains in the customer’s memory.


unboxing experience Source: Behance

This project is a collaboration between Leinca and Fedrigoni. The packaging is a limited edition under the concept of “paper skin”. The material of the box is a specially treated paper called Constellation Jade. It reminds of a paper sample book and turns into an awesome unboxing experience. The paper also replaces the cameras traditional leather banderole and becomes an integral part of it. An awesome concept that leaves everyone speechless!


unboxing packagingSource: Graffica

This elegant marble-like box and golden bag contains no less than popcorn! The luxurious and fun brand breaks the scheme by creating an unexpected packaging experience. It turns a fast food product into a very gourmet product that consumers can enjoy at home as if they were at a glamorous party. Definitely a packaging experience that will be noticed in every home!



Nowadays it’s not enough to have a good product. The Packaging Design has become an intrinsic part of the whole purchase experience. That ‘wow’ factor is what makes the difference and sets brands appart. And with rising pressure from consumers sustainability is essential for packaging design.

Make your unboxing experience worth remembering.


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