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Reflection on loneliness of the enterpreneurial life

reflection on loneliness

Loneliness is something that all of us had to battle with at some point of our lives, and even more since the pandemic started.
And as far as I can see, we will have to continue doing so while the pandemic lasts. Today I want to share my reflection on loneliness of the enterpreneurial life.

As a freelancer, I spend most of my time alone. I work mostly in my house, in a room where I only have a table and a shelf with some materials and books. Also, since I live in a foreign city, it seems like the time of solitude increases exponentially. However, for me loneliness
doesn’t refer only to negative feelings, but to the positive: to opportunity

Many people fear loneliness and avoid it. I think that their fear comes from the fact that when you are alone, you can’t hide, you have to face yourself without any mask on, there is no place to hide. And I wonder…is this isolation what makes me love being a freelancer?

Aries are known for their sociable skills as well as their incredible independent spirit, and as a good Aries, I have these two traits fixed on my nature. That independence leads internal freedom, uniqueness, empowerment, etc. Nevertheless, that level of freedom also goes hand on hand with loneliness, especially when making and carrying out important decisions. 

Being alone every day is like being in a retreat within yourself, having a constant conversation. It gives you the perfect opportunity for self-reflection and to gain a greater perspective of your own emotions. You are able to learn what makes you angry, sad or to forgive yourself. It is a constant search for answers, an internal dialogue with your emotions as you don’t have to cater to other people.

When you work alone you have to make decisions on a daily basis, from deciding at what time you get up, to deciding what is the best way to deal with a project. By not having a boss or a team to give you advice on how to do your job, you gain the freedom to make your own decisions, listening to yourself and trusting your skills. You develop self-confidence

This is where the personal and the professional sides balance out each other as they come together and suddenly, everything makes sense. You feel fulfilled and you relate to your work as you understand that it is part of you and without realising it, you begin to learn how to make good decisions that resonate with you. As a result, you take responsibility for your own actions, for your life. Maybe that’s why being alone is so scary for some people, because it implies responsibility over everything. 

So whether you are a solopreneur or work on your own for any reason, today I want to invite you to do your reflection on loneliness and enjoy it. That loneliness which is a tool for self-knowledge, a space for self-discovery, a process of empowerment. And remember that you are never really alone, you are always with the most faithful traveling companion, you are always WITH YOURSELF. 

‘No one is more active than when doing nothing, never less alone than when they are with themselves.’

Catón (De re publica, Cicerón)


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