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In this case, I created the branding design for a restaurant in Peru. Cevicheria Illary is a restaurant based in San Andrés coast. Their specialty is ceviche, a South American seafood dish. It’s made from fresh raw fish cured in fresh citrus juices and spiced with ají and chili peppers. In Peru, ceviche has been declared to be part of Peru’s National Heritage. I worked together with Cevichería Illary to create their new branding.

I designed the logo using with the family name with a symbol of a fish. This creates a perfect visual balance for the logo and highlights the restaurant specialty.

In addition, I hand-rendered the name ‘ILLARY’ with pen on paper to give it the uniqueness and a rustic feel and to remove the original cracked edges of the typeface.

Simultaneously, I chose the colours of the brand from the real Peruvian sea, sky and rocks.The cream colour is one of the main colours of the brand since it brings the contrast and warmth to the palette.


Firstly, I chose the typeface Nelson because it has an immediate connection to the sea. Above all the shape of the character A and the inlines remind a fish bone. Afterwards, I hand-rendered the font with pencil on paper to give it a rustic feel.

Equally important, I made the fish imagery with the ‘Gyotaku’ technique. This means inking a real fish and printing it on washi paper. The shapes created with Gyotaku are in between figurative and abstract and create a vanishing feeling. Every Gyotaku is unique making the industrial and identical repetition insignificant compared to the uniqueness of the hand-made things.

Logo design process

Branding design for a restaurant in Peru




Cevicheria illary logo



cevicheria illary colours


I combined all the elements together to create an elegant, minimal and unique branding for Cevichería Illary. As a result, the branding design for Cevichería Illary restaurant in Peru is a project featured in the World Brand Design Society